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Let your soul dangle!

Paragliding is probably the most beautiful way to see the world from above. By gliding slowly and calmly through the air, you can not only look at nature in an incomparable way, but you can really let your mind wander. Time seems to stand still and the impressions you gain during the flight are remembered for a very long time. Tandem flying is easier and safer than ever. Over time this sport has become more and more safe, and now paragliders and harnesses are at a technical level that guarantees maximum safety AND enjoyment! As a passenger, you don't need any previous knowledge and absolutely everyone can make this dream of flying come true. A paragliding tandem flight is also particularly suitable as a gift in the form of a voucher or simply as a spontaneous surprise. Get started You will not regret it.

How is the process?

Is there

First you get in touch with us and determine the time and place of your experience. Simply use our booking form or call us at + 436508933993 at. Depending on the wind and weather, we will of course advise you which flight area is most suitable.  The meeting point is at the valley or mountain station of the respective flight area. After a short briefing, we are ready to go and after just a few steps we are already floating through the air. A normal gliding flight takes about 10-20 minutes. Landing is usually just a few minutes' walk from the car park. If a "normal" gliding flight is not enough for you, there is the possibility of a thermal flight - this is a particularly long flight that is only possible under suitable conditions and  30 - 45 minutes, longer if required. The extra charge for this is 45 €. After landing, which physically requires no more than jumping from a small chair, your flight is over and you can still feel the pleasant tingling sensation in your body for the rest of the day that you take home from the flight.

TBasically everyone can do a tandem paragliding flight. No previous experience is required for a this experience. Nevertheless: Even if the material could withstand much more, there is a weight range for every paraglider within which it can be flown. We carry passengers of all ages and sizes from 25 to 130 kg . If you have recently had an operation or other severe physical ailments, because of which you should not practice various other sports from a medical point of view (e.g. after bone fractures), you can only fly with a doctor's approval. You should be able to run a few steps - this requires take-off and landing and that is how far your physical condition should be. In addition, we strive to find special solutions for people with disabilities and have also flown with wheelchair users and people with mental disabilities. There are no age restrictions, the children just have to fall into the weight range. We are also not allowed to transport visibly intoxicated people for legal reasons.

Can you also fly in winter?

Yes yes yes! A flight in winter is hard to beat when it comes to grace! The snow-covered landscape seen from the air is breathtakingly beautiful! In addition, a winter flight is extremely calm and pleasant, as there are often no thermals and therefore no turbulence. It's cold? Not colder than it would be when skiing or ice skating, so normal winter clothing is sufficient. As a special feature, a comfortable start on skis is possible in winter. Of course, you can also start on foot as usual. Scroll down a bit to see a video of where we start in winter. 

What do you need to bring with you?

Above all, have a lot of fun! The excitement before the flight usually subsides shortly after take-off, because as soon as you feel the forces with which you are held in the air, you start to trust the previously unknown material. Almost all passengers say in retrospect that they felt much safer under the umbrella than initially thought. What equipment do you need? Put on good shoes  - ideally your hiking or gym shoes - and comfortable clothing . You can get the helmet from us, but if you have a favorite helmet, you are of course welcome to bring it with you. Which clothes are best suited? We recommend wearing what you would choose for a mountain hike that day. Most importantly, it should be comfortable. It is not much colder in the air than on the ground, which is why light clothing is sufficient on warm or hot days. In winter, it is best to wear the clothes that you would wear for ice skating or a winter walk.

Of course, we will capture your experience on photo and video. You can view these recordings after the flight and of course purchase them. You are welcome to bring your own camera, but for legal reasons it must be securely attached to you with a chest strap or something similar. 

Tandem paragliding take-off in winter - Nockspitze in Tyrol


Paragliding is my life! I am a passionate pilot. After many years of solo flying, I wanted my family, friends and acquaintances to have a part in this fulfilling feeling of freedom, which is why I trained as a tandem pilot. The hobby turned into a job, I meanwhile took well over 1000 people on this adventure in our incomparably beautiful Tyrol, in Styria, in Spain and in New Zealand. Giving the passenger an unforgettable experience - that is the number one priority. For some it means to experience a panoramic flight in calm air with absolutely meditative quality, for others it means to get the ultimate kick with loops and spiraling steeps and other dynamic tricks. For those who are particularly curious, a thermal flight is probably the non-plus-ultra. In warm, rising air you can climb far above the peaks. For me every flight is unique - and beautiful!

Your Klaus 




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