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Tandem Paragliding Flight Neustift Stubai Valley

Elfer Lifts  I  Prices & details

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For groups (3 people +)

125 €



What to expect on your paragliding tandem flight in Neustift

Paragliding tandem flights in Tyrol in the beautiful Stubaital near Innsbruck are an absolute highlight among the outdoor activities, which one can in Austria experience. That Stubai mountain area Elfer lifts in Neustift is a classic among the paragliding spots in Tyrol and is one of the most popular and busiest paragliding areas throughout Austria. For a paragliding tandem flight, this mountain fulfills the best conditions all year round: most beautiful nature, forests, meadows, villages, alpine pastures, small streams, hidden huts, often you can see birds of prey and other animals and on thermally good days also rugged rocks and jagged mountain peaks, a cable car that takes you directly to the starting point, on most Very good flight conditions, wide and perfectly inclined take-off slopes and an almost infinitely large landing field. Paragliding is very possible in this area at any time of the year. In the winter is flying in this one paragliding area in the Stubai Alps not only just as beautiful as in summer it is rather a clear insider recommendationExperiencing the snow-covered alpine landscape from the air is a particularly attractive experience. In winter they are paragliding flights in the Neustift area also particularly quiet and pleasant, but also because of the positive thermal conditions on the Elfer bookable at any time of the year. Paragliding is a special experience for beginners and newcomers as well as for passengers who are not flying tandem for the first time. 

Fulfill your dream of a paragliding flight in the Alps of Austria, even without prior knowledge, with a professional tandem flight at HAPPY FLY Paragliding, YOUR paragliding tandem flight provider in Tyrol. Soar through the air like an eagle and experience the beauty of the Stubai Alps in a thermal flight. Enjoy a feeling of freedom and adrenaline during a flight that cannot be compared to any other activity in this special, direct and beautiful form. You can easily book your desired tandem flight appointment online with our booking form reserve and book. Do you have any questions or would you like personal advice? Then you can also reach us by phone at:+43 650 8933993

Voucher for paragliding tandem flight at HAPPY FLY

Give away a paragliding tandem flight in Tyrol in the Stubaital in Neustift with our HAPPY FLY voucher. You can easily order your voucher, personalized if you wish, online from us. Surprise your loved ones with this special outdoor experience, breathtaking nature  with a good dose of adrenaline on top! order your voucher for paragliding in the Stubaital  right here online, for special requests just send us an email to - we are happy to respond to special needs and design an individual flight experience.

Find out more details about your tandem paragliding flight in Neustift

Also, flights with people with physical and mental disabilities are possible and are often carried out by us. The access to the mountain railway is designed barrier-free and the staff is very helpful. You are also welcome to fly with us as a wheelchair user or person with a mental disability. Just call us or write an email, we will be happy to take care of special requests.

Duration of a tandem flight in Neustift

A normal paragliding tandem flight in the Stubaital in Neustift at the Elfer lift takes about 10 - 20 minutes. If the thermals are good, you can significantly extend your flight duration for an additional charge of €45. The thermals allow us to climb high above the starting level and at best above the peaks and glide freely through the air like a bird.  We are happy to take photos and videos of your flight, which you can then take with you as a souvenir of this special experience  (+ 32 €).  

Getting to the starting point at the Elfer lift

The Elferbahnen are very easy to reach both by car and by bus. The address is Moos 12, 6167 Neustift. You can simply click on the Google Maps link below and you will be taken straight to it. There is a large free parking lot at the Elferbahnen .


You can easily come by bus to the Elferbahnen. Buses run every 30 minutes and take you, for example, from Innsbruck to Neustift within 45 minutes. The price for the trip from Innsbruck to Neustift is around €8. Click here, to look for the best bus connection, the stop in Neustift is called 'Neustift im Stubaital Abzweigung Elferbahn'. From there it is only a 3-minutes walk to the cable car.


The meeting point is directly at the Elferbahnen ticket counter at the valley station, or - if you are already on the mountain beforehand, for example because of a hike - directly at the paraglider launch site at the mountain station. The access to the cable car and the exit on the mountain is barrier-free and ideal for wheelchair users. In addition, the lift staff is always friendly and helpful. The cable car costs are not included in our prices, a single ticket for the 11 lifts costs € 14 for adults, € 9 for young people and € 7 for children. Of course, hikers can save themselves these costs and the mountain station is then agreed as the meeting point.

Note on the legal take-off and landing regulations at the Elfer lifts

In order to structure the high level of air traffic at the Elfer lifts, the cable car company, which also leases the take-off and landing area, has introduced a license system for take-off and landing permits for tandem companies. In order to bundle responsibilities, further subcontractors are subsumed under defined main licensees. HAPPY FLY Paragliding is a sublicensee in friendly partnership with the company FLY TANZER, with whom we also work closely in processing group inquiries.




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